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Dungeon of Dragon Knight-Mac demo is out!

Game testers in need 通知内容:Download Mac Demo: Discord for discussion:

DODK‘s music by Composer Tetsuya Shibata

All sound tracks(lossless ver.) in DODK and also the great enthusiasm of the famous composer Tetsuya Shibata it. Hope you like it~ Tetsuya Shibata is a Japanese video game music composer and sound director. Many of the classic songs in the series of masterpieces such as Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry are his works.

The news report of Dungeon of dragon knight comes from

ダンマス』好きにはたまらない! リアルタイム3DアクションRPGが登場! 世界を救うため未知のダンジョンに挑め!…