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DUNGEON OF DRAGON KNIGHT -Development Blog0823

August, 23rd, 2019 The texture problem is fixed temporarily for now. It took a little bit more time for me to renew my membership of apple developer because the protocol has been updated. Now I can start to work on the optimization of iOS version. The texture size is too large and the game can’t…

dungeon of dragon knight -about iOS version

August, 22nd, 2019 It is sad that the progress of iOS version has been delayed. I thought it was easy and I just need to optimize the performance and redo some path configuration. But the problem is unity engine reports a lot of errors of dds format of my textures and I need to refine…

Dungeon of Dragon Knight: Built-in Beginner Guide

Let’s take a look at levels in Steam Workshop(=ↀωↀ=)

There are 3 well-designed levels by BenartStrobb and IronNemesis. Subscribe their works and have a try! They are all amazing! I envy your talent. ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ You also come up with a good idea? Make it real with Dungeon Editor and share it.

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight:Officially launched today

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight:Officially launched today Thanks my friend!

DODK’S Workshop is about ready!( best dungeon crawler game!)

Just need a little bit more test!    dungeon of dragon knight —dungeon crawler game on steam