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[Collection] DODK-Youtube Walkthrough Videos in 2019

Hi all

Happy 2020! And last year Dungeon of dragon Knight has received much love from some great youtubers, they’ve made walkthrough videos!

Also here is a Youtube&Twitch influencers Thank you List, you can find more great videos here: 
BIG THANKS to all the streamers made video for DODK

Thank you for your work:

2019/3/27 By: RookGZ Language: English
2019/4/20 By: Elanarae Language: English
2019/6/06 By: Kwei и слон в удаве Language: русский
2019/6/29 By: Khaddy42 Language: Deutsch
2019/7/08 By: Sir Hawk the Ranger Language: English
2019/7/11 By: MaksimovTV Language: русский
2019/7/24 By: demajen Language: English
2019/8/27 By: OFF BEAT REHEAT Language: English
2019/9/01 By: 西森オペック[Nishimori OPECK] Language: 日本语
2019/11/25 By: Elkinoo Language: français

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