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Mac version will be released on Sep.13th

Thanks again to streamers around the world, contributors in steam community and gamers from LoG official forum. We have also received much love from game medias like 4playersGame*Spark and FamitsuDungeon of Dragon Knight is getting better and better with your support.

Now we proudly announce that the mac version of Dungeon of Dragon Knight will be released on 13th September. In Mac version, you’ll experience:

1.The game music set from Tetsuya Shibata, who has made music for Final Fantasy series, Bio Hazard series and Monster Hunter series;

2.More levels, mainly are challenging because all the monsters in these levels can re-spawn, which let players get more bonus;

3.More traps, including chest bomb, saws coming out from walls, bear traps and etc., which are very different from other dungeon crawler game;

4.Useful Statistics, including play time, grids you’ve covered, total amount of money collection, experience gained, monster killed, secret places you’ve explored and the rank you’ve gained in the game, there are more specific information you’ll get on the map in the game;

5.Player’s guide step by step IN GAME. You’ll learn how to use torch, fight to monsters, discover secret places and solve puzzles in the game;

6.Much easier magic casting system. You can choose the way to cast magic spells, which are rune combination system or just cast the spells directly in the setting menu. With the player guide, you can play the game without any problem by choosing direct magic casting system;

7.Fighter and Ranger in the game now have special skill to do melee attack. And more, duel wielding skill, which has been asked frequently in steam community, has been added finally. The warlord class is rare in dungeon crawler games, we’ve added fire and dark magic to this class, so the class is unique, which provides more combination for the team and more fun for playing the game;

8.Have you “really” talked to the lady in the tavern, you should try, lol

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