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DUNGEON OF DRAGON KNIGHT -Development Blog0826

August, 26th, 2019

We’ve received two reports of bugs about dual wielding attacking. I’ve checked the code and found out actually there are two types of bugs. One is about the spells checking and the other is about the dual wielding attacking.

The course of the first one is that I’ve stored the all the spells to a list to check if players first time to cast. If the spell is stored in the list, which means player is not the first time to cast, so it will not show up the spell’s name. I’ve forgot to clean the list before it loaded from a save file, so it is getting bigger by the save/load time. When it is too big and affects the memory size, the cooling down image will not work.

The second one is I’ve not finished the feature in deeper level, which is checking and getting next available character to attack. It is not that easy to fix but I’ve finished it and currently is under testing. Hopefully I can upload it to steam store today!

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