Month: April 2019

New updates in build 2266

12 MAR @ 5:43PM 1. Refined the item description; 2. Optimized Monster’s AI; 3. Fixed the bug that Fire Ball could damage twice sometimes; 4. Adjust the shrine of castle; 5. Fixed the bug that in the store you can click the witch through UI; 6. Adjust the font for Traditional Chinese in Tavern; 7….

New updates in build 2290

1 APR @ 9:33PM 1. Redo the UI of team creation interface; 2. Redo the UI of character details; 3. Fixed several bugs of the skill panel; 4. Fixed some localization font issues for Traditional Chinese; 5. THE ASSISTANT SLOTS BESIDES THE CHARACTER PANEL CAN ONLY EQUIP THROWING OBJECTS; 6. Redo the icons of magic…