Month: March 2019


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New updates in build 2266

MAR 12 @ 5:43PM 1. Refined the item description; 2. Optimized Monster’s AI; 3. Fixed the bug that Fire Ball could damage twice sometimes; 4. Adjust the shrine of castle; 5. Fixed the bug that in the store you can click the witch through UI; 6. Adjust the font for Traditional Chinese in Tavern; 7….

New Updates in build 2253

MAR 5 @ 3:39PM 1. Adjust the font for Traditional Chinese; 2. Optimized video playing; 3. Fixed the bug that not showing entrances on the map; 4. Provide more information about dexterity; 5. Trying to fix the resolution issue with wide screen; 6. Adding achievement system; 7. Fixed a bug of Pin on player map;…

New updates in build 2242

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight FEB 27 @ 8:22PM 1. Fixed the bug that secret place Sound Effect still plays when player entering again from loaded file; 2. Fixed the bug that can’t play video at the end; 3. No repeated dialog of avatars from loaded file; 4. Texture optimization (continuously); 5. Mesh optimization(continuously); 6. Camera…

Updates in build 2222

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight:Updates in build 2222 2/19 1. Fixed several bugs when auto attacking from back line; 2. Fixed several bugs in key binding; 3. Fixed the bug that duplicating rock pile; 4. Fixed a bug on player map; 5. Adjusted the wrapped text in item description window; 6. Adjusted the torch sprite; 7….